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ICYMI: Bleachers played a secret pop-up show at McCarren Park last week and it was amazing. 


ICYMI: Bleachers played a secret pop-up show at McCarren Park last week and it was amazing

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alright yo i have an announcement about this blog because i’ve been neglecting it lately

basically this blog started in like august 2012 as a way for me to waste time during holidays/weekends/whatever and it really kicked off!! and it was rly good fun at first, with just hilarious shitty drawings and no drama or anything

but in the past year or so i’ve learnt that college is really draining my time, my energy, my resources, and honestly, each time i log in on here i’m greeted by 50 messages saying stuff like “omgz can u draw ray’s fro eating everyone” and “can u draw kellin and vic making out” and it’s like well this is not how i wanted this to end up

anyway, i’ve talked it over with alex, and we’ve both decided that this blog has run its course. i doubt i’ll be able to continue with it for the next year of college, and i definitely won’t be able to continue with it while i’m at uni, so we’re effectively shutting it down. ending it. whatever you want to call it. we’re shutting down the redbubble store and facebook too. the twitter will probably live on because i’ve forgotten the password.

i know a lot of ppl have expressed an interest in running this blog, so if anyone really wants to, i’m willing to erase all of the posts on here and give the url to someone else. we currently stand at 5,947 followers but i don’t know how many will remain if someone else takes over the blog.

all in all, it’s been a fun two years, but i’ve grown up now and i’m sadly not finding the same stuff funny anymore. don’t grow up, kids, it ruins all kinda of vibes. stay young forever.

lotsa love,




FUN. at Warehouse Live in Houston, Texas on March 20th

photos by: NaStacia Ellis

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I love fun. so much and I’m so grateful they’re the band that continue to cause me unbelievable amounts of joy and hope. I’m grateful for all the memories I’ve made through them and all the adventures we’ve had. I’m just so grateful to have them in my life. Here’s to another 6 years of that love.

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Almost Acoustic Christmas Night 2

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